Hi. I'm Andrio Celos.

Welcome to the Quester's Rest.

(Not my real name.)
A male Australian amateur coder and gamer.

This is my website, simply named after the hotel in Stornway.

On this site

Note: This server runs a private IRC bouncer. We use an ident server to identify users on the bouncer. On IRC networks that check ident, users can be identified by their ident response.

My main areas of interest


I often use: C#6 HTML5 CSS3 PHP KVS mSL

I sometimes use: Visual Basic .NET Java 8 JavaScript


my pet IRC robot
Iyouboushi's Battle Arena
an RPG-style battle game
Base64 Converter
a different, client-side Base64 converter


Current games

iOS Pokémon GO
[Lv. 25] Gotcha! Raikou was caught!
PC Terraria
Pokémon Trainer run with Jasmine: Moon Lord defeated with pre-Moon Lord gear.
Stern Pinball's Game of Thrones
[PB: 4 951 862 725] Iron Throne Champion: AND
PC Minecraft
Bought a map to a woodland mansion. Preparing to take that on.
My Backloggery collection