Note that this is an older copy of the help thread. Some information may be missing, but all the basics still apply.

Hello and welcome! If you're reading this then you're probably interested in the Battle Arena bot that's currently in development. You may have noticed that there is a !help command built into the bot, but I'm writing this thread so that everyone will have an idea of what to do and how to do the various commands that are within the bot explained in better detail.

Battle Arena is an mIRC game in which you join and battle monsters to gain orbs and new weapons/skills/techniques. It's similar to Devil May Cry, as that's really the inspiration I drew from when I started working on it, but it includes more than just DMC monsters, weapons and items. The whole purpose was to make an mIRC game that is completely automated in terms of the battle system. There doesn't need to be a DM around to do !next and control monsters, like in my other major mIRC bot (Kaiou).

Here players join the battle when the bot announces an open battle. After a few minutes, it will generate monsters and have them join the battle and the battle will start. When it's a monster's turn, they will automatically do their things. When it's the player's turn, there's a few commands you can do (attack with a weapon, attack with a technique, do a skill, use an item). If the player idles for too long the bot will force their turn and skip over them. This is done so that someone can't disappear for an hour and cause the battle to drag on forever.

There's a bunch of weapons that can be bought and each weapon has a few techniques attached. Unlike in Kaiou, you can't make your own techniques but rather have to buy them using red orbs that you earn from battle. You buy weapons using black orbs when you obtain by winning boss fights and being alive at the end of one.

That's really the gist of what I've been working on thus far.

One more thing to mention here in the "overview" is that the bot is currently unbalanced. New players will probably find themselves dying a lot while older players will probably dominate almost everything (to a point). Some weapons are overpowered, others aren't strong enough. The bot is only on version 2.5 so hopefully things will improve in those areas later on down the road.