Did you know that the bot has a secondary game mode where the game will pick a random NPC to fight a random monster or boss? I call it AI vs AI Battles. During this mode the bot will randomly pick a level from 1 to 9999 and two opponents to face off in a death match. Players will be unable to join these battles and can only observe. Your job, during these matches, if you so choose, is to bet some double dollars on who you think will win and hopefully walk away a winner. Now this mode does not normally happen on its own. A Bot Admin needs to use !startbat ai to start one manually or set the bot to do this mode automatically with !toggle automated ai battle (and using the command another time to turn it back off).

At the start of an AI vs AI battle you will see something similar to this:

BattleArena: A 1 vs 1 AI Match is about to begin! The battle will begin in 30 seconds.

BattleArena: AI Battle information: [NPC] Rose vs [Monster] Scorched Yanthu on [Streak Level] 3788 [Favorite to Win] Scorched Yanthu

BattleArena: [NPC] Rose Information [Number of Techs: 4] [Has an Ignition: yes] [Has a Mech: no]

BattleArena: [Monster] Scorched Yanthu Information [Number of Techs: 18] [Has an Ignition: no] [Has a Mech: no]

BattleArena: The betting period is now open

During the open betting period you can take a few seconds to look over the information on the two combatants. In this case, it's Rose versus a Scorched Yanthu on level 3788. The bot tries to gauge who will win the fight, though due to it being a random AI vs. random AI there's always a chance that the bot will pick poorly. As you can see from the info, Rose has an ignition which may turn the tide of battle in her favor while the tree has 18 techniques that might help it win.

So how do you bet? Well, first off, make sure you have some double dollars. You can do this with the command !doubledollars. If you do you can use !bet monster amount or !bet npc amount. If you don't have enough double dollars you can exchange allied notes for some $$ in the shop at a ratio of 2 double dollars per 1 allied note. The command to do so is !exchange alliednotes amount. You can also exchange them back into notes using !exchange doubledollars amount. Note that you can place your bet in private if you don't want to let the other players see whom you're betting for.

After the betting period has closed the battle will begin and it will look similar to this:


BattleArena: [Turn #: 1][Weather: rainy] [Moon Phase: Crescent Moon] [Time of Day: Night] [Battlefield: fairgrounds]

BattleArena: [Total Betting Amount: $$330] [Odds: 3:1]

The first two lines are identical to normal player vs monster/boss batles. The last line, however, tells you how many $$ has been bet overall between everyone and the odds. The odds are important because it determines how much you're going to win if your combatant wins the battle.

For the odds, it goes NPC to MONSTER chance and the lower number is the favorite of the bot to win the battle (and thus will pay out less). So in this case, the bot thinks the monster will win the battle, thus if you bet on the NPC and the NPC wins you will win more. To figure out how much $$ you will win, determine which side of the odds amount you're on then divide it by the opposite side. In this case, the bot thinks the monster will win so it's 1/3 = $$0.33 per every $$1 bet. However, if an NPC wins, it'll be $$3 per $$1. This is on top of your original bet. The lowest amount you can win is $$1 + your original bet. There are no double dollar cents in this game.

So let's pretend I bet $$10 on the NPC and the NPC won. I'll get $$ 10 + (10 * 3) = $$40 total.
Conversely, let's say I bet $$10 on the monster and the monster won. I'd get $$ 10 + (10 * 0.33) = $$13 total.

Sound complicated? Don't worry too much about it. This isn't meant to be too serious and is instead just a way to pass some time outside of doing battles all the time. If you run out of $$ you can always get more by doing some portal battles and exchanging the notes. Or, if you win big, you can exchange those $$ into allied notes and spend the notes in the shop.

Happy gambling!