Accessories are special items that can be worn, and grant bonuses or status effects on the wearer. How do you get the accessories? Well, they're rarely dropped by certain bosses, or specially crafted. Once you manage to find one, you can equip it with !wear accessory accessory name. If you ever decide that you no longer want to wear that accessory, you can remove it with !remove accessory accessory name.

Armor can be found via chests or bosses, or crafted. Most armor will bestow the wearer some attribute bonuses increase and some pieces of armor will grant special bonuses in the form of augments that are always active. Once you manage to find a piece of armor, you can equip it with !wear armor armor name As with accessories, you can remove armor with !remove armor armor name. There are five slots that you can wear armor on: head, body, legs, feet and hands. The bot will equip the armor in the correct slot when you use the command, you do not need to specify.

Shields can be bought from the Shield Merchant once he has arrived at the Allied Forces HQ. Shields are broken down into three size categories: small, medium, and large. Small shields will block attacks more often but will not block as much damage from attacks. Medium shields are middle of the road. Large shields have the smallest chance of blocking an attack but will block more of the damage when they do. In order to use a shield you must have the DualWield skill and the shield must be equipped into the left hand using !equip left shieldname.