So you've decided to join the game. Great! How do you go about doing that and what are you supposed to do at first?

First things first, the command to join the game is !new char

When you join you will receive a private message from the bot that looks something like this:

BattleArena: You enter the arena with a total of 1000 red orbs to spend.

BattleArena: Your password has been set to battlearena12c and it is recommended you change it using the command !newpass battlearena12c newpasswordhere in private or at least write the password down. Passwords cannot be recovered!

You are also given a number of red orbs, the main currency in this game. The number will be based on how many other players are in the game and what level they are. You will receive an average to help newer players not be so far behind the rest.

The password will be randomly generated. The bot tells you the next command you should do next: !newpass. It is recommended you change your password immediately so that you don't forget the randomly generated one. No one can retrieve your password, should you lose it.

Why do you need a password? Before you can join in the game you need to ID into the bot. This is to prevent someone else from playing with your character. In private with the bot you need to type !id password and you will be logged in if your password is correct.

With that you can finally start shopping for upgrades, joining battles and using more commands!

Some basic commands you may want to check out:

Here's a quick explanation of the attributes:

In DCC mode, the following additional commands are available: