Ever wish you could pilot a large robot and beat up bad guys? Well now's your chance!

First up, you need some allied notes. Got some? Good. Head on over to the shop and pick yourself up a basic mech that our kooky engineer cooked up just for you! Now that you have one, here's a little bit more info on how mechs work in Battle Arena.

Each mech has a few things in common: health, energy, engine level, weapon and core. If the HP falls to 0 in battle the mech is disabled and your character will be forced out (but will still be able to fight). HP won't regen on its own. You'll have to obtain some MetalScrap (also available for allied notes) to heal it. Everything a mech does, except taunting, requires energy to perform. Just standing still requires energy; throwing a punch requires energy; shooting a laser beam requires energy, etc. Energy is like HP in that if it falls to 0 in battle the mech will shut down and you'll be forced to exit the mech until it's been refilled. You refill energy with E-tanks that you can purchase with allied notes. Your Engine Level determines just how strong your mech is. The more efficient the engine runs the better powered it will be and the more strength, defense, int and speed it'll have.

Now, your mech isn't just a rusting hunk of metal. It has weapons and a variable core built into it and can be upgraded. The weapons determine its techniques, much like a normal weapon. The core is the inner power source of the mech and gives the mech one or more augments. Both of these objects require energy to keep running. More powerful weapons and cores require more energy.

Every turn that you're inside of a mech it will drain some energy to keep the mech running. The amount is 100 + (core cost) + (weapon cost). The starting mech consumes 300 energy total per turn to keep active. If the energy cost sounds unfair, keep these things in mind: mechs act as an extra life — if your mech is disabled you can keep fighting outside of it, mechs can potentially be much stronger than ignitions, mechs are not affected by status effects (they can't be slowed, poisoned, blinded, etc), and mechs have a natural guardian level that makes them pretty hard to damage.

WIth all that basic info in mind, here's a list of all the mech commands:

To see which techniques are available to the weapon your mech is using, once activated just use !techs like you would normally and it will only show techs for that weapon. Otherwise, you'll see them in !mech stats.