In the game Devil May Cry, the hero Dante must not only defeat the forces of evil but must do it with style. The higher the style in the game, the more red orbs you would collect from their defeat. I've decided to try and make my own little version of that in the bot.

Every time you do an attack of some kind it will add style points. When you get hit, you will lose style points. Repeating the same action and action over and over will reduce the amount of style points you accumulate per attack. That is to say, you should mix it up a little. Don't attack with your fists every turn you get. That's boring. Instead, use a technique, attack, switch weapons and attack with the new weapon, taunt. Another way to increase your style points is to kill a monster/boss. Killing a monster will greatly increase your style points.

If you're asking why you should even bother worrying about style points, it's because when a monster dies the style of the person who kills it will add a bonus to the amount of red orbs you get at the end of battle. The higher the style, the more of a bonus you'll get at the end. Also, in boss battles the person who ends up with the highest style points will normally receive a bonus item.

Here's a list of the style rankings in order: