In Devil May Cry 3, the hero Dante had his choice of a bunch of different styles to pick. Each style would give the player a little variety in moves they could do. For example, there was the Trickster style that let you dodge things easier and the Swordmaster style that gave you extra combat moves with the various weapons. Well, I've decided to try and add something similar to this bot.

To view your available styles use the command !style in the channel after you log in. When you do, you will see something like this:

BattleArena: Iyouboushi is currently using the Trickster style. [XP: 36 / 500]

BattleArena: Iyouboushi knows the following styles: Trickster(1), WeaponMaster(1), Guardian(1)

You can swap styles any time outside of battle by using the command !style change name where name is one of the styles that you know (in this case, Trickster, WeaponMaster or Guardian). You can also switch styles in battle, but it'll cost you a turn.

Iyouboushi: !style change Guardian

BattleArena: Iyouboushi has switched to the Guardian style!

There are more styles available in the shop for you to purchase using black orbs. Use !shop list styles to get a list of prices and !shop buy styles name to buy one.

Each style has a level (the number next to the name in the list) and can be levelled up by accumulating experience. You get experience by being in winning battles and by killing monsters/bosses. The amount of experience you get is pretty low though and the amount of experience you need to level the style up increases the higher the style's level. The Vogue skill can be used to gain experience faster.

So now you're wondering what the various styles are and what they do in-game. Here's a list.


This style will increase the number of style points you get for taunting. Higher levels of Trickster will increase the amount of style points you get. It'll also give you a bonus to your speed when the bot generates the turn order. Higher levels of the style will result in a bigger increase in speed, thus giving you a better chance of getting your turn earlier. When equipped with this style there's also a (style level)% chance of dodging attacks. Finally, it will enhance the steal chance by a random amount (style level doesn't matter in this case, it's the same random chance each time).


The Weapon Master will enhance standard attacks of all weapon types. It does this by increasing the random damage added onto every standard attack and by enhancing the mastery skill slightly. The amount increases each time the style levels.


This style will decrease the amount of damage you take by 10% of the normal damage each level (up to 60% max).


This will enhance magic by roughly 11% of the normal effect per level (up to 90% max).


This style will enhance your Shadow Copy skill by giving your clone more health. The amount of health the clone gets goes up with each level of the style, up to 100% of your own. Also, with this style equipped it is possible to control your clone by using the !shadow command on the clone's turn. Shadow commands are: !shadow attack target, !shadow taunt target, !shadow tech technique target, !shadow skill skill [target]. The general 'control' commands, such as Iyouboushi_clone attacks Enchanted_Bones, work too.

Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu

This style will enhance damage done with katanas, and enhance speed at battle turn generation.


This style will allow you to use the !Quicksilver command that freezes everyone except you in battle, effectively giving you an extra turn. You can use the !Quicksilver command as many times each battle as your style is currently leveled.


This style will enhance the chance of doing a counterattack by 1% each level. It also allows you to use !Perfect Counter once per battle in which you will be able to counter a single standard attack.


This style will allow you to control your summon while the style is equipped. In order to control the summon, on its turn use 'control' commands like summon attacks target, summon taunts target, summon uses its technique on target.


Aim for the top of the wrestling federation and perform your stunning wrestling moves upon your enemies! This style will allow you to use !wrestle targetname command as many times each battle as your level in the style, as well as enhance your hand-to-hand attacks. Note that wrestling cannot kill a target, only hurt and stun.